Give Me Coffee


Give me coffee and wine!!!!

13″ x 14″

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Give me coffee, please!  Lots and lots of it. There are many things during the day I need to work on.  And those that I can’t change, bring on the wine.

Made by our family, at our home based small business.   Give me coffee sign was plasma cut by us.  Made of 14 gauge hot rolled metal.  It’s finish laughs at rust!

We, as a company, thrive to bring you excellent quality pieces.  Much of our day is filled with plasma cutting the patterns we have, but we never go through a day where we aren’t thinking up new ideas.  We love to bring out new items!  Keep checking back to see new metal products.  From our hearts and homes to yours!

Thank you for your support for small businesses!

We also do custom orders, just let us know what you want!


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