Safety Tips

Candle Safety Tips

  • Never leave a candle burning unattended
  • Never let children play with candles
  • Do not move or tilt burning candles
  • Do not place burning candle in a draft (ie: under ceiling fan, by window or vent) to ensure a more even and clean burn
  • Keep the wax pool clean and free of matches and wick trimmings
  • Do not place candle directly on furniture, fabric or countertops. Always place candles on flame-retardant surfaces

Burning Tips

  • Allow candle to burn long enough to melt entire surface (usually 2-2½ hours)
  • Trim candle wick to about ¼-inch
  • Place votives in a holder that is similar in size. Votives cannot be burnt freestanding due to the nature of soy wax it completely liquifies
  • ENJOY!!!!